Bulk Discount Price - Our thousand price is our Bulk Discount price.
We are able to offer this discount because of lower shipping costs.  Many garden club members join together to place a larger order, receiving the Bulk Discount price.

Special Quantity DiscountWe offer an even greater discount on quantities of 10,000 or more of one type of label shipped to a single destination when we are able to obtain lower freight costs.  Please contact us for specific information at sales@everlastlabel.com.

ether you refer to our garden labels as we do or call them plant markers


we don't mind.  We tend to differentiate between the products used to write
on the garden labels as marking products and that which you write on as
garden labels.  As a user friendly company we will list them both ways:
Hairpin plant markers, Shrub or plant markers, Cap style plant markers,
Swinging plant markers, Rose style plant markers, Tall Display plant markers,
Tall single staff plant markers, Flag style plant markers, Small plant markers,
Tie-on plant markers and Miniature plant markers.  Otherwise you might call
them Hairpin garden labels, Shrub or garden labels, Cap style garden labels,
Swinging style garden labels, Rose style garden labels, Tall Display garden labels,
Tall single staff garden labels, Flag style garden labels, Small garden labels,
and Miniature garden labels.  We also manufacture and sell copper markers,
copper labels, zinc metal garden markers, and
zinc metal garden labels.


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