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Welcome to PAW PAW EVERLAST LABEL COMPANY, the original manufacturer of metal garden labels, which has been located in Paw Paw, Michigan, since 1937. Established by Leon Cassler, Paw Paw Everlast Label Company has continued to provide metal plant labels and marking products to gardeners, nurseries, and greenhouses throughout the world. We are renowned as one of the industry leaders in both quality and service.

The company began many years ago in a one-car garage next to Mr. Cassler's house on Elm Street in the Village of Paw Paw.  He made the plant labels using only simple tools. In 1963, the business changed hands and moved to its current location just outside the Paw Paw Village limits. It was here that many changes were made to the manufacturing process, many of which remain intact today. Although the processes were updated and upgraded to meet the needs of today's gardener, we have maintained our focus on manufacturing a quality garden label at an affordable price. Thanks to that focus, we have continued to thrive throughout the years.

Our garden labels and marking products are the finest! We use only the highest quality of galvanized wire for our wire standards and 99.6% zinc for the longest lasting nameplates. Our products provide customers with a weather resistant garden label that retains presentation and legibility year after year. In addition, we take pride in the fact that our garden labels and marking products are made in the USA with 100% American-made products. Happy gardening!

Whether you refer to our garden labels as we do or call them plant markers we don't mind.  We tend to identify the products used to write on the garden labels as marking products and the metal stakes which you write on as garden labels.  As a user friendly company, we will list them both ways: Hairpin plant markers, Shrub or plant markers, Cap style plant markers, Swinging plant markers, Rose style plant markers, Tall Display plant markers, Tall single staff plant markers, Flag style plant markers, Small plant markers, Tie-on plant markers and Miniature plant markers.  Otherwise you might call them Hairpin garden labels, Shrub or garden labels, Cap style garden labels, Swinging style garden labels, Rose style garden labels, Tall Display garden labels, Tall single staff garden labels, Flag style garden labels, Small garden labels, and Miniature garden labels.

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