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A light-weight, tall garden label designed specifically for mild environments. The regular Style G Tall Single Staff Garden Label comes with a large zinc nameplate and galvanized wire, and it must be assembled by the customer. We recommend our Black Marking Pencil or Mechanical Pencil for zinc nameplates. Marking products are sold separately.

                              Single Wire Staff - 20"
                              Zinc Nameplate - 1 1/4" x 3 1/2"


Assembly required: This label is assembled by sliding the wire through the hole in the lower flange and fitting the tilted angle head along the upper flange. Then press the upper flange tightly over the wire head. A drop of apoxy will help secure the nameplate to the wire.

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Stainless Steel Wire is an excellent choice for those with acidic soil as it is a highly corrosive-resistant metal. It will weather better than the galvanized wire.

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