Why isn't your phone number more readily available?
In an effort to keep our overhead low and your prices down, we encourage
our customers to contact us by email.  If necessary, we can be reached
at 269-657-4921.

Do you sell, rent, or otherwise share my personal information with others?
You can be assured that we will never share your personal information.  Your privacy
is important to us, and any information you share with us is for our use only.

How much do you charge for shipping?
We do not charge extra for shipping to destinations within the contiguous US. The cost
of shipping and handling is built in to the overall cost of the product. We always use the
most economical manner of delivery available, but we also offer you the opportunity to
select a preferred carrier and/or expedited delivery for an additional charge.

Why does my online order show that I was charged a clerical fee?
Shipping and handling are free, however, online orders are assessed a 3% clerical fee
to cover our cost of processing such orders. You can avoid the additional charge by
ordering through the mail with a check or money order.

How quickly will I receive my order?
We pride ourselves on fulfilling most orders within 24 hours of receipt. Our carriers
generally deliver the parcels within 5 business days. If you would like tracking
information on any order you place with us, simply send us a note requesting this

I would like to purchase a larger garden label.  Can you produce it?
As the original manufacturer of metal garden labels, we are the only company to
offer all 11 styles. We are willing and able to create custom labels, though due to
the extra time, labor, and materials involved, they generally are more expensive.
We respond to all requests and provide quotations or recommendations as needed.

How do I mark my labels?  Can I use a regular Sharpie marker?
It is not recommended that you use a liquid-based pen or marker on our garden
labels as they tend to fade in the sun. We recommend using our marking products
for our labels, as we have found that they work very well in most conditions. We
have labels in our test gardens which are still legible after many years! We suggest
that once you write your plant names on the labels, that you put the labels out in
the sun for a day to allow the markings to "set". Customers have also shared that
the Brother P-Touch Labeler, Stylists, and Unipaint markers have worked well
for them.

What if my labels are exposed to extreme weather conditions?
In normal conditions, our garden labels used in conjunction with our marking
products will retain their markings for years to come. Simply place them in the
sun for a day after writing on them to allow the marking to “set”. However, if
your labels are subject to extreme environmental conditions then you can
coat them with a weather resistant product like Permalac or exterior poly-
urethane to enhance their longevity.

My soil is very acidic.  Will this affect my garden labels?
Our wire standards are galvanized to prolong their life, but highly acidic soil can
diminish their life expectancy. We have had customers tell us that they dip the
bottom portion of their wire (that which goes into the ground) in a coating material
like Plasti Dip or exterior polyurethane, and that this helps the wires to last for years. 
If you choose to try this method, be sure that you assemble the garden labels before
coating. Please note that we also now offer Stainless Steel Wire upgrades.

I would like to re-use my garden labels.  How do I remove the markings?
Our labels used in conjunction with our marking products are designed to last for
years. If the writing hasn’t had time to set, you may be able to remove it using steel
wool. Otherwise, we do sell replacement plates for all of our garden labels.

The nameplate on my garden label is loose.  What should I do?
Due to various circumstances, a nameplate may come loose. It can be secured
by squeezing and/or placing a dab of epoxy (weather resistant glue) on the
nameplate where it comes in contact with the wire. The Rose Style Label can
be tightened by gently pressing down in the middle of the plate with your thumb.

What is your return policy?
We offer refunds or credit towards new purchases on unused, resalable product
that is returned within 30 days. Your refund/credit amount will equal the value of
the unused product minus our cost for the original shipment.

Do you offer wholesale prices?
Our price for one thousand of a single type of garden label is a reduced price,
often referred to as our Bulk Discount Price. If you compare our prices to those of
our competitors, taking into account shipping charges (remember, we do not charge
extra for shipping and handling within the contiguous United States), you will find
that our prices cannot be beat. If you are planning on purchasing very large quantities
(10,000 or more of one type of label to a single destination), we will try to obtain
lower freight costs and will gladly pass any savings along to you.